Your favorite builder. For life.

Welcome to Tim Austin Construction


  • I’m a second-generation builder who’s been designing and building family homes for more than 25 years.
  • I’ll partner with you to design and build your dream home, either from the ground up or by remodeling your existing property.
  • I make the process sensible, flexible, and fun – just ask my customers. References happily provided on request.
  • I personally supervise every job every day and identify and correct any glitches or blips before they become problems.  I employ a loyal set of high-quality sub-contractors.
  • I care about your satisfaction long after the job is done.  My goal is to be your favorite builder. For life.

I invite you to learn more about myself, my clients, and my services by clicking on the links at the top and/or calling me at 208-861-2758.